Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vintage Vogue pattern V2903 finished dress

This Vintage vogue pattern is an "Orginal 1957 design" reissued pattern - here's the final result made up in the Japanese cotton (pending some hand finishing and hemming). Not too hard, just a little patience required a round the pleating, yoke and sleeves. 
A few notes on the pattern:-
- the sleeves are well fitted, so if you have fuller arms, check the sizing before cutting
- the dress is very long. I shortened it by 5cm and am still debating the length of the hem - right now it's cocktail length
- pay attention to yoke, facing and sleeves as the final effect is only obvious during the last few steps of assembly

The dress is reasonably fitted dress, not obvious on the dress form as it's not adjusted to size in this photo. Also the neckline sits slightly wider on the shoulders that it appears on the dress form.

Front - close up
Not quite as glamourous as the pattern pic but a great dress none the less. I love the fabric and really enjoyed sewing it it. Overall, I'm happy with the result. Let me know your thoughts on what length you think it should be?


  1. Hi Suellen, the dress looks great, I love that fabric - have been keeping it in my mind since I saw it on my last trip to Tessuti but haven't quite found the right project yet! I think this calls for just above or on the knee, makes it a bit more fun....any longer and it may be a bit "Laura Ashley"!!! But I guess it depends on the look you would like :)

  2. Thanks Karley, I definitely think you're right about the length. While long could look great if there were petticoats etc but these days it could look matronly. I'm on it!

  3. I'm looking at making this dress -- I'd like to remove the sleeves, but am having difficulty telling if that is possible with this pattern. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Sassenach, you can make this dress without the sleeves. You'll have a slightly capped look on the shoulder from the bodice and yoke. Also you'll have to consider how the finish the armscyce. I considered leaving the sleeves of myself - it's definitely doable and it will suit the design of the dress.

    2. Thanks -- the armscyce is what I was what I was think of.

  4. Are the sizes on this pattern modern or vintage? I'm making it, and I'm not sure which to use based on the measurements...

  5. Hi Autumn because this is a reissued Retro pattern, the sizes are modern. But I would ignore the sizes as such and select the one to cut based on your measurements. Also check the sleeve size - I found at the time it seemed to run small. I hope that helps

  6. Thanks so much! It will help a great deal.


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