Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Flea Market bag

Prior to Christmas with a rush of blood to the head, I thought I would make all my Christmas presents. Needless to say that was a little ambitious. However here's one I did make. It's a soft fabric bag made with remnants from (yes) Tessuti's in Surry Hills, Sydney.

It's an Grand Revival pattern. The bag is reversible so not as straight forward to make as I expected and I simplified it by excluding the pockets.

The Grand Revival range has a casual feel overall but I decided to make it with fabric that could be used for a casual evening out. It's black silk with a metallic and red brocade. The alternate side is black linen. Here's the result - in hindsight a more structured pattern may have worked better but the gift was gratefully received none the less.
For those of you interested in bags, Amy Butler has a terrific range of bag patterns as well. 


  1. That's lovely! A beautiful combination of fabrics. I have made this bag twice - once in the smaller version and once the deeper version like this, but both with messenger-style long straps. Pre-blogging so no pics, sorry. It certainly came together more easily the second time around. A good learning process! The smaller one has been my everyday handbag for a year, it's great. I can recommend the pockets (very handy, I would even add more) if you want to make one for yourself :-)

  2. Thanks Jane for the tips, it's inspired me to try again.


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