Saturday, August 13, 2011

Adjustable bias binding presser foot

Finally back to the sewing machine after our 4 months sailing trip. I must admit I really missed having something "crafty" to do and will prepare better  for the next trip.

First job - taking up two pairs of jeans - not interesting - so while I have the machine out I'll test a couple of things out....

I want to do is improve my technical sewing skills and I think the trick is having the right equipment. So, I'm investing in some sewing gadgets. One of them is the Adjustable Bias Binding Presser Foot. My bias binding skills suck, so anything has to help. Plus I want to make this pattern, it needs 5 meters of binding and I want it to look well finished.

Here's what I learned in trying to use this new foot:-
- I don't think I could have worked it out myself, so the video I stumbled on below really helped

- adjustments can be made for the binding width and stitch position - very nifty
- once these adjustments are made, it's pretty straight forward to use
- this is the second test attempt on sample. I'm pleased with it as it's a small binding and very fiddly to do otherwise

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Collecting stuff

Unable to get my hands on fabric or a machine during our travels, I have resorted to collecting stuff for my stash. Not entirely productive but fun none the less.

I have haunted Op-Shops, markets and all manner of second hand, vintage and antique stores (much to the confusion of my better half). While I'd collected small things that have taken my fancy, I don't entirely know what to do with them....yet. My favourite places have been Maleny, Queensland (great for second hand books and organic linen) and Bellingen, NSW a beautiful town with fantastic vintage stores and cafes.

Here's a sample of some of the "electric" collected stuff...the good news is we should be home soon and I can get to "work".
1950's vintage "Babes in the Wood"

1950's vintage "Babes in the Wood"

1940"s illustration 

The cutest fabric

Potential cocktail ring perhaps
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