Tuesday, April 5, 2011


As you can see I've been a little absent in the blog department lately. That's because preparing for our cruise to North Queensland tropics has taken up most of my sewing time. Any sewing I have done has to be a quick item for myself or a practical item for the boat. I'll photograph some of the finished boat items for interest while we're underway.

So to maintain my sanity and give me a break from boat, boat, boat, I've been haunting second hand stores, ebay, Etsy and charity stores looking for old patterns and useful sewing books. No luck on the books but have found a few interesting old patterns and pattern books. Here's one in particular that gave me a chuckle.

It's a 1937 Sunbeam knitting pattern book for "lingerie" - basically knitted underwear! These little gems should keep you warm.....
Front cover

Love the bed socks!

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