Friday, March 22, 2013

Movie costumes - The Tourist

A few nights ago, I watched Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp in The Tourist (2010), mostly because it was set in Venice. I didn't care for much for the film but was intrigued by the costumes.
I was undecided about whether they worked well or not but they were interesting. They seemed a bit try hard and a little old for Jolie but I was curious about them and they did look luxurious.

The costume designer was Colleen Atwood who has had a number of Academy Awards for films like Chicago and Alice in Wonderland (by Tim Burton).

A dress inspired by authentic Irene (1930s costume designer) costume and a modern day addition of the mocha wrap

A draped silk evening dress was an original design

This outfit was tailored from a vintage find

An original Charles James dress - my favorite

A white evening jacket tailored by Saville Row
The accessories - jewelry, gloves and shoes (mostly Ferragamo) gives the film and the costumes a very expensive look. What do you think?

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