Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Walk Away Dress - any ideas?

I purchased this pattern recently because I'd read so much about it and I thought it looked fantastic and would be a great summer dress to whip up.

However, I've seen a number of versions complete by people generous enough to post photos of their dress and I must say they don't look as expected. I can't quite work out why.....
- is the photos unrealistic with the tiny waist?
- are the shoulders too wide?
- is the neckline too high?
- does it need a petticoat?

Any ideas anyone?


  1. Sorry I can't see this image. Don't know if it's me or did you copy/paste the image - if so, I don't think it works. Try again - thanks.

  2. I have uploaded the pic again. Hope it works - thanks for your help.

  3. I think that these sort of patterns always make the waist look unrealistically slim. Either that or they're meant to be worn with serious corsetry. And, pouffy crinoline-type devices under the skirt to accentuate it even more. It might be more flattering perhaps with a heap of volume taken out of the skirt? I can see how the top part of the bodice might end up looking a bit shapeless, too. Hmm. I'm going to Google up some 'walkaway dress images' now, you have me curious to see more!

  4. Ah - that's better can see now. Well - I actually don't like the pattern. Saw one made up using 2 different colours and it made her bust area look greater than it probably is - sorry, I'm not a fan of this vintage pattern.

  5. Hi Suellen!
    This is a link to a blog that you may be interested in regard to the Walk Away Dress
    she just finished it (I think it was a sewalong ) hope this helps .
    Wish you a lovely weekend,

  6. Thanks for everyone's help. It leaves me pretty undecided. Let's just say at the moment, it won't be at the top of my "to do" list!

  7. Yep I have the reproduced version of this pattern - I love the idea of it - a wrap around dress - but the reviews have left me flat - the neckline is too high and the waist unrealistic - probably not a great idea afterall!!

  8. I have made two of these, plus a blouse in a very similar pattern. If you check out my flickr account, I have an album for this and other similar patterns that may give you other neckline options, etc. The inner "half skirt" is more like a pencil skirt, so trying to put a crinoline underneath doesn't work so well. What I found was to make the underskirt go a bit further around, and this made it lay nicer. As for the small waist bit~ I am long waisted and if I wear a bodice that is too short it makes my waist look huge~ so may have to adjust this bodice to fit your waist at it's best. Hope this helps! I posted about mine on my blog somewhere, ;P (under Wizard of Oz I think)

  9. Hi Nikki thanks for the tips. I'll update this post with links to your post, I think many people will find it really helpful when making this dress. I think it can be a bit tricky based on other comments.


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