Monday, February 28, 2011

Giveaway 1

To mark my first 3 months of this blog and to thank everyone who joined this blog, I'm doing my first giveaway. I hope you like it. Its a piece of Kashmir handmade embroidery crewel. It's has an off-white 100% cotton base and 100% wool coloured floral embroidery. The piece is about 140cm x 85cm.
It's a mid weight fabric and would be perfect as a cushion. Please note, this was fabric provided sourced from India and does have some slight marks on it which doesn't detract from the overall effect.

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment and let me know what you enjoy most about reading other peoples sewing blogs. I'll close entries on 5 March 2011 EST (Australia) and randomly select the winner.

Good luck and I'll look forward to your entries. Bye for now.


  1. I love reading other people's sewing blogs because it is inspiring to see how they have made up various patterns - patterns that I may have passed over based on the photo or drawing on the envelope, and yet they have seen the potential and made them into something stunning.

  2. Seeing what other people have made gives me the inspiration to try different things. I particularly find the tutorials/tips and tricks fantastic - they educate me, which helps me with my sewing -and, last but not least, meeting such lovely people who share the same passion.

  3. I love reading other peoples sewing blogs and i am so inspired am starting my own, I have set it up but not quite sorted on the photography yet... I find it so inspiring to see what other people are sewing and learn from them.I really appreciate the tips and tutorial style instructions that people give and I am blown away by how people are so generous with sharing their thoughts and knowledge. I find it really pushes me to try different things when I see others altering patterns, reworking garments etc. I also just love the community and the positive feedback people give each other - there is not enough praise in our world and
    the sewing community seems to be full of it. I wonder whether other "interest"
    blog communities are as nice - hard to imagine. Mmmmm, it's been good to think aboutwhy I like blogs - thanks.

  4. I'm inspired by other bloggers and its always lovely to see patterns made up, especially when they are creatively interpreted, plus I've learnt a lot from the generous tutorials more experienced bloggers have published. I am even thinking about having a blog too so I can be a part of this friendly online community. I would also love to win the Kashmir embroidery piece for my mother who has an almost identical bedspread she is attempting to mend since she's had it for many years and has never seen another similar. Apart from a few worn areas it still looks great and I know she would be overjoyed to have a matching cushion! Do you know if its possible to buy this fabric online or is it a one-off piece too? Thanks for your blog, as a returning sewer myself its been a great read.

  5. Dillander, you use to be able to get a similar fabric from Warwick fabrics in Sydney. However after a quick look, I'm not sure they still stock it. But if you "google" Kashmir crewel you get a few suppliers. Good luck!

  6. Many thanks Suellen, I'll follow this up.


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