Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ricefields - Colour and fabric

While slogging away at the outdoor boat cushions, I've have amused myself with some more "colour creativity" by creating a colour and fabric mood board from one of our photos from Bali and some gorgeous Tessuti fabric. I'm wondering whether I should include a suitable sewing pattern to complete the board?

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  1. Suellen - I've just discovered your blog and I'm enjoying it a lot. I love the ricefield colours which are some of my favourites. I had to laugh about you slogging away on the boat cushions. I had to make a cushion and cover for the large window seat in our old federation house in Sydney and I bought the fabric and zips - two lots just to be safe :) - and then ended up just folding the fabric over the cushion for about two years until I got sick of it one day and made the cover in about 2 hours. I've been thinking of doing another in a different colour for winter. Thanks for sharing with us.


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