Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Inspiration Board: Vintage Glamour 40s nightgown/evening gown

I've decided to create a series of inspiration boards for the vintage patterns
I feature on EstyFirstly, I love inspiration boards - they give me a chance
to play with images and colour and I enjoy this. Secondly, I think it helps
visualise the look of the garment. It's not meant to be an actual representation
of the finished article but more a "look and feel. " For the source photographs
on the inspiration boards go to my Polyvore site.

Many of my vintage patterns are carefully selected for features that I like. 
At the moment I'm focussed on cocktail, evening wear and some lingerie. 
Key feature of this 1940s Advance pattern are:
- cross over or racer-style back
- cross over gathered bodice
- bias cut
While this is labelled as a nightgown pattern, it makes a wonderful option
for evening wear - something like this perhaps?

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  1. Looks great Sue Ellen - but something has mucked up your formatting on your blog - although - is it just me?? The text is covered with images ...hmmm


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