Sunday, September 18, 2011

What was I thinking.....

So I enthusiastically bought the Japanese "Stylish Dress Book" - so many lovely, comfy, summery clothes.

Then decided I would make this pattern - pretty, relaxed, quick to make perhaps - first mistake.

Next I selected a poly fabric that I bought cheaply to test the pattern. The fabric was my second mistake.
satin binding as self binding to hard to handle
After working with help from Gay to decipher the Japanese pattern, I found the fabric challenging to handle and the construction not as straight forward as hoped. Then, I finished it! Not good!
bat wing sleeves - never a good look on me - why don't I learn!!!
Nope - not pregnant
back and front are the same
Ok, what did I learn?
1. Choose a soft cotton like a voile. The poly did not drape as I expected despite being slippery to handle giving the final maternity top effect. I think the fabric choice would make most of the difference to the finished garment.
2. Don't add any seam allowance. I did and it's not needed.
3. If you're full busted, this pattern may not be for you (or me for that matter).

This will now be quietly filed in the "live and learn" category. Now time for a cuppa and a rethink....


  1. Oh, I made something really similar from a Japanese pattern book and had similar problems! I did use a nice-ish Japanese cotton voile I found at Spotlight, so the drape is okay and it feels light and airy. I think I ended up narrowing the whole thing down a fair bit at the sides, which was unexpected because usually Japanese patterns are on the very petite side. I also joined the side seams up further, to create smaller armholes, which made a bit of difference.
    Your fabric is really pretty and I think the back view looks lovely. Maybe a bit of tweaking? Or try again with something gauzy?

  2. Yes, I have a few japanese pattern books and would love to be able to wear the garments, but hour-glass figures (as my daughter keeps on telling me) don't suit these patterns, though I still keep on dreaming I can. I also think the fabric has a lot to do with it.

  3. I do not do bat wings either but have made plenty of live and learn items!


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