Sunday, September 4, 2011

New York Cape - completed

Okay so it's spring and I just finished a winter coat - my version of the New York Cape pattern . So, albeit a little late for winter this year but I'll be ready for next year. I used a heavy weight pure Scottish wool - a bargain purchase and made my own binding from a faux light weight suede fabric (I was in thrifty mode).

The  pattern was super easy to assemble, the longest part was applying all the binding - a skill I still have to perfect. This wasn't helped by the thickness of the wool I chose - something lighter weight may have been easier.

With help from the lovely Gay at her Studio, I made corded buttonholes and covered buttons with the binding fabric.

A great little pattern and I especially like the way it fits over the shoulders. Avoid making the binding to  make it easier on yourself.


  1. I LOVE it! And especially the buttons covered in the same fabric as the binding.

  2. Suellen, it looks great on you!!! I have made one for Jess but still waiting to make mine, as I can't find the right colour wool binding. What a great idea to use a suede fabric for the binding - I love it, as it defines the cape.

  3. Such a lovely cape Sue Ellen! I agree that the suede binding was a great idea!

    You never know with Sydney weather, this week could be warm and then the next we could be back to winter!!!!

  4. Thanks for all your encouraging and kind comments. New projects include a blouse and skirts - for summer this time.


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