Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Redingote?

Here's a fashion term that was new to me. I found it on one of my new vintage cocktail dress patterns - "One-piece dress with detachable overskirt and redingote".
So I looked it up and found that a redingote originated from the 18th century when it was used for travel on horse back. Originally it was a bulky, heavy, utilitarian coat but overtime it developed into a more fitted fashion garment. 
Apparently today's redingote is marked by a close fit at the chest and waist, a belt, and a flare toward the hem, as in the blue version in the vintage pattern. It's not a term I see often - did it have a revival in the 1960s I wonder?

Personally, it was the fringed version of the dress in the pattern that caught my swinging 60s!


  1. My Mamma's 1951 wedding dress was a satin redingote over a Chantilly lace halter! We were seriously skeptical that she just mispronounced "wedding coat" but she would have none of it!

  2. hmmm very interesting! Cool pattern!


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