Monday, February 11, 2013

Have you taken a blogging break?

I did. It coincided with a holiday and then it drifted along for longer than I had planned. Oops.

Let's face it, it takes time, care and thought to create a interesting or useful post. And then there's the accompanying photos to consider......

This blog started as a chronicle of my return to sewing with a splash of vintage patterns talk as I discovered them.

Recently, as I've had less time to sew, I've had less to say about my projects. So while these projects slowly re-emerge when time permits and as I work out the direction I'm going (things change), I will to focus on all things vintage (patterns).

What do you think about blogging breaks? Do you take them? If so why? Do your blogs change focus as your interests change?


  1. Hi Suellen, Your trip sounds so relaxing. Yes, I've taken time out on my blog, and as you say, it does take time to post especially trying to get a certain person (DD) to stand still long enough to take a photo. Still, life is busy and sometimes it just doesn't get done. I used to feel guilty, but then thought, that's crazy - it's my own person diary, so why should I feel compelled to post, if there's nothing going on. Having said that, I'm considering creating another blog - this time only for gardening - so I don't mix sewing with gardening. My garden seems to change so much that I should have taken pictures and posted them, as a record. Suellen, enjoy your lovely break and it was nice to see your post.

    1. Thanks Evelyn. Good to hear from you. I sometimes get overwhelmed by all the fantastic bloggers out there. Then I remember, as you said, it's your own journal and it should be as you want it. I'll look forward to your gardening blog


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