Sunday, February 17, 2013

Colette Clover capri pants

Making capri pants, and in particular this pattern, has been on my "To Do" list for a while. I've never made pants before and these looked so simple and cute. I thought "why not?" - if it works out I can make it in all sorts of colours. Well, not so easy....

First, the fabric: French navy cotton with 2% spandex. Affordable fabric in case things do not go well. Originally I was going to line these pants - what was I thinking?? I gave this idea up quickly. 

I made a toile (terrible initial fit) and attended a class to adjust the pattern for a better fit, had to make major modifications, made a second toile, modified this and then finally cut the fashion fabric. All good? Nope. The garment sewed together well but the fit was awful - no photos necessary - it looked like ill fitting jodhpurs. The unfinished garment is lying in pieces in the sewing room. 

I'm not even going to pretend to know what went wrong. My only guesses are...

- they are pants
- they are fitted stretchy pants
- the toile was made in non-stretch muslin, maybe it should have been made in fabric with the same degree of stretch
- I "self fitted" the second toile - not ideal

I think it's salvageable - I really do but I'll get help. If I can get the fit right, I think they could become a good staple garment. 

Not sure I'm too keen about sewing pants again though. What about you?


  1. Pants - the hardest thing to sew, IMO. To sew myself a pair of pants I need to do this at my regular sewing class - use this more to have someone fit me and I love the interaction with like-minded sewers too, and, I always learn something new. Suellen, I couldn't see the picture on this post. I think you should re-do them. There is a pants fitting class on Craftsy which I have enrolled in and sometimes they have specials so the price comes down. Have yet to do this course but it does look great. Good luck.

  2. Gak - yeah... there is a reason why I wear dresses most of the time these days, ha! I like the idea of the Clover pants as a wardrobe staple and I think you should persist now that you have already put so much effort in. But I've not attempted pants for myself yet! Good luck :)


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