Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vintage Vogue Couturier - Jacques Heim

I'm already planning the sewing projects I intend to do when I get back. I want them to be a mix of things I can sew quickly and wear (eg. Japanese patterns) and more complicated projects that will improve my sewing skills and knowledge. I know I have heaps to learn.

As for the quick sews projects, I haven't decided yet but I'm focussed on planning which "complicated" project I should tackle first. And these are the projects where I'm going to need help.

One dress I do want to try is a Vintage Vogue Paris Original Pattern, Couturier Dress by Jacques Heim - 1047. I seen it made up here and I really liked the clean elegant look. Plus I think it's a flattering style and I'm going to make the sleeveless version. Not sure where I would wear it at the moment but hey.....

Here's the fabric that I've chosen...a cotton elastine...it's not quite a busy as it looks in the photo.

Here are my random thoughts so far...

  • the pattern size is one size too big and will have to be graded down. I've never done this before.
  • I've decided to make a toile to make sure I get the right fit. Never done this before either but I bought meters of muslin for the purpose:)
  • This will be the first vintage Couturier pattern I've used so I'm not sure what to expect. There are not too many pattern pieces so this is encouraging. I haven't had a chance to read the instructions yet either.
So I have some questions....
  1. Should I cut the pattern as the pattern size then adjust the sizing in the toile based on fit?
  2. Has anyone used a vintage Couturier pattern - if so, any tips?

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  1. This is a gorgeous pattern and I really like the fabric you've chosen. You seem a very experienced sewer (probably more so than me) so I may be misunderstanding so please forgive me if I am. I don't usually cut my paper patterns, but trace the pattern to the size nearest what I want using a high bust measurement and then adjust the traced pattern until I get it right. Or in some instances, I never get it right. :) Good luck with the toile.


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