Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My new walking foot

I think this could be my new best sewing friend - my walking foot. I bought this recently after making my boat cushions and feeling like I was fighting the canvas when I was machine stitching. I'm also hoping it will help with slippery and other other hard to manage fabrics.

I've only used it briefly on some canvas I'm sewing for the boat lee cloths (more about these later) and have already found it fantastic. It shows in the top stitching....without the walking foot, the length of stitches are irregular and the line of stitching is not too straight. All this is because I'm trying to manage the long length and heavy weight of the fabric while trying to sew straight. Challenging.
Before walking foot - irregular stitches
With walking foot - stitches more regular & straighter
With the walking foot, the stitch lengths and straightness have improved. I also don't feel like I'm fighting the canvas like I was before.

Yes, it's bulkier than a regular foot but I haven't found this a problem and the control more than compensates for this.

I'll report further when I try it on other fabrics. Does anyone else have any tips on this they can share? Are there any other presser feet you can recommend to make sewing easier?


  1. I have a similar one and I've recently used it quite a bit. I can't even remember why I bought it and it sat unused for a while. But I pulled it out when making a baby quilt recently (my first ever quilting) and it was awesome for keeping order of 5 layers of fabric. Plus, I've been using it on my latest version of the Negroni men's shirt. I'm using a cotton voile and some non-fusible interfacing, and I think the walking foot has helped on parts like the collar where layers could easily slip around and cause lumps and bumps.They're supposed to be good also when you're matching patterns like stripes or plaid.

  2. I use a walking foot for stretch fabrics and fine fabrics and it is really helpful. Sometimes I wonder if I can leave it on the machine for everything! I hope you get a lot of enjoyment from it.

  3. I love my walking foot. Used it for the drape drape top which was viscose (yet to post) and it worked a treat. I'm going to be using mine for other fabics too.


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