Sunday, March 27, 2011

Drape Drape 2 No. 4 top Version 2

It's not often I make a pattern multiple times but this Japanese pattern has been one. It's so simple to make, it's also easy and flattering to wear.

This time I made it out of a pink and white stripe with a slight seersucker effect it in one of the stripes from my favourite fabric store. It was a 2 way stretch but a heavier weight than I previously has used and this did alter the final effect (notably the softness of the drapes).
This top also gave me the opportunity of trying to improve my technique using self bias. I also used this handy gadget to help make the self bias. This was a 12mm size but there are others. Simply cut the bias to size (across the fabric grain), push the fabric through the device (having a point of the fabric and a pair of tweezers to pull through the first part of the fabric helped me) and then  iron into bias binding.

As this fabric was not so soft a stretch as the previous version,  I eased out the side seam and made sure the bottom hem was well stretched while sewing.
Front view (in soft focus:) )

back view
The stripe may or may not have worked but I'm still happy to wear the final result.


  1. Hi Suellen, The soft drape effect is very pretty. I like both versions in the different fabrics.

  2. Hi Sue Ellen - thanks for leaving a comment - hey - you're in my neck of the woods!!! Unbelievable! Yes - you must do one of Miranda's workshops - and this top looks great - fits you very well. Happy Sailing!


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