Thursday, July 14, 2011

Designing Woman

One of my favourite "vintage" movie for the costumes is the Lauren Bacall and Gregory Peck film called "Designing Woman". It's about a sports writer and designer who marry quickly only to discover they don't have much in common.

Not a great film as such but the costumes designed by Helen Rose are stunning, and worn to great effect by the statuesque Ms Bacall. Helen Rose also designed for a number of other movies including High Society and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. More about those movie costumes at another time. You can read a great biography on Helen Rose here. In the meantime enjoy the elegant Ms Bacall and Ms Rose's costumes...
Great suit with matching beret
love those sheer sleeve and high waisted skirt
The Look
The Silhouette


  1. Amazing design. Gregory Peck - now he was a true gentleman!! Only watch the old movies for the fashion. Didn't know about Helen Rose, so thanks for posting.

  2. Beautiful designs - just beautiful!


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