Monday, May 23, 2011

Bed Jackets

Remember this post with the charming photos of knitted underwear which is a thing of the past. I had a comment asking what a bed jacket was, which is a great question because it's not a garment we hear much about these days. How ever it does have it uses......according to Wikipaedia.....

The bed jacket, a woman's garment, is a waist-length robe worn to cover the chest, shoulders and arms while sitting up in bed. Its short length and cape-like cut allowed it to be put on (or removed) while in bed. Often made of sheer or lacy fabrics and displaying very feminine trimmings and details, it was often used more for seduction, rather than warmth or modesty. It was popularized in 1930s Hollywood films featuring glamorous settings and glamorous stars lounging languorously in their silken bedrooms. Ostrich feather tips, swan’s down, pleated tulle and shirred lace were just a few examples of the extravagant materials that could be used in creating these confections. These garments are currently very popular with people who have been hospitalized or recommended bed rest.

Sometimes, they were akin more to a cape in style, for something to throw over your shoulders easily.

I think they are lovely. Any modern day versions I've seen have been very frumpy and made of not very nice fabric like polar fleece. Polar fleece doesn't make me feel glamorous at the best of times!

While bed jackets appear to be a thing of the past, I think it's shame. You can just throw something pretty over your shoulders while reading in bed. Seems like a good idea to me. Must get knitting.....


  1. Ah thank you - I was the questioner! I guess that makes sense, although the notion of having time to lounge about in bed, and care what I looked like doing it, is rather far from my current working mama existence! They are pretty little things though. And without the ribbon, wouldn't necessarily look bed-like at all and I'd probably happily wear one as a cardi!

  2. I've always like bed jackets - thanks for posting. Knitting needles at the ready!!


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